Create your Employee Manual

Our most popular ready-to-assemble kit is the Employee Manual Kit. 

What you Get

  • Comprehensive Employee Manual template - approximately 225 topics.  
    Click for Ontario example table of contents.
  • For 3 provinces.  Don't operate in Canada?  
    • Ontario
    • Alberta
    • BC
  • Acknowledgment Sign-off Form Template

  • Employee Manual Kit for step by step customization instructions.
    • Overview

    • Project Checklist

    • Getting Started

    • Preview/Download Templates

    • Topics/Policies Help

    • 1.  Customize | Edit

    • 2.  Format & Style

    • 3.  Launch your Manual
    • 4.  Get Employee Sign-Off

    • 5.  Maintain your Manual

    • Search Policies

View Sample Policy Manual

Click here to view a condensed sample employee manual to provide you with a sense of its language and structure that includes all main headings and 32 policies out of a menu of 225 policies.

You can spend thousands of dollars — and hours — creating an employee manual that collects 'dust' on your shelves.  Or, you can create one that's easy-to-use, full of relevant content and written in every-day plain English. 

Different & Better