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Your clients will never know.
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The HR toolkit for HR Consultants in Canada


ConnectsUs HR for Consultants

ConnectsUs HR™ for Consultants is an online resource center that makes it easy for Human Resources Consultants in Canada to create their own reusable HR toolkit for their small business clients.  You know, the one you need but never have time to build. 

Premium HR templates

Provincial Employee Handbooks, HR forms,
spreadsheets, letters & manager guides
for individual use

​Preview & download free HR templates

Ready-to-assemble HR Kits

Step-by-step online instructions to help you
connect cross-referenced HR documents 
into HR process

View HR kits

5 Licences

Implement ConnectsUs HR Kits, templates
and materials for 5 of your clients
per subscription

See Terms of Use

ConnectsUs is the HR consulting toolkit you would build from scratch if you had 2 years of quiet time to create it.


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video how to set up HR small business

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See what your client's HR could look like. 

"ConnectsUs nailed it! 

Finally an HR solution made for HR consultants. This tool is so intuitive to use and saves me a ton of time.  

High ROI. No brainer!"

Creating my HR consulting business  Zakeana Reid, CHRP  |  HR Consultant  |  Hummingbird Human Resources


Work less.
Make more money.

The 80/20 rule works for you here. 

Create your standard HR toolkit using ready-to-assemble HR kits and templates. Since HR essentials don't vary much from company to company, 80% of the work's already done for future clients. Just customize the remaining 20% for a client's specific requirements. 

You can charge a premium for HR consulting services because you'll quickly deliver high quality HR.

Save time.
And a lot of effort.

Spend minimal time and effort creating the professional HR Consultant toolkit you know you need, but never have time to build.

Most of the heavy lifting is already done. You get to leverage ready-to-assemble HR kits, HR templates and best practices created by experienced HR consultants who understand that small business HR needs to be practical.

Bottom line?  You’ll have more time (and energy) to win new clients. 

Stand out with
outstanding service

Offer your small business clients more than your competitors can, from delivering individual HR documents, to setting up key HR functions, to creating a complete framework for core HR.

You’ll be different (and better) because you can provide self-serve HR in plain English that not only works for your clients’ HR, but also for their managers and staff.

Wow clients with
quick start HR

Quickly deliver professional HR fundamentals using Microsoft® Office® tools that you and your clients already know. That makes for easy implementation and straightforward maintenance. 

Your clients will be impressed at how good their HR looks, how well it’s documented, and how easy it is to use.

You’ll look pretty good as an HR Consultant, too. Expect glowing reviews -- and generous referrals. 


HR templates downloaded by ConnectsUs Users


ConnectsUs Resource Center

The HR consultant for HR Consultants

ConnectsUs HR® Resource Center provides the step-by-step instructions for downloading, customizing, saving and organizing the HR kits, templates or documents on your client's server using only Microsoft® Word® and Excel® to set up their HR basics.  It also includes:  

  • HR operations tools including a download of pre-assembled and organized file folders for creating instant electronic file directories
  • Every HR form or document has its own help page that covers the who, what, when, where, and how
  • Word® and Excel® tutorials and videos
  • FAQ library
  • Access to Support

It's like having a friendly colleague by your side.  One who will share their tools, tips, and hard-won experience.  

Premium HR Documents & Templates

Curated & professionally written - in plain English.

We've done the writing, editing, sorting, culling and assembly to save time for HR Consultants.  No more wading through thousands of fragmented HR templates to piece together a collection that works for your client's small business HR.

  • 145 original HR documents and templates created for your client's staff, managers and HR 
  • Forms and templates come with accompanying instructions for their staff
  • Written with consistent tone and voice in clear, concise everyday English
  • Easy to customize and use with click and replace features
  • Cross-referenced and integrated into document families by HR topics

ConnectsUs™ is as versatile as you need it for your HR consulting practice.   Create stand-alone HR documents for clients or connect them together with HR kits to build out essential HR functions. ... More


All ConnectsUs templates are written in no-nonsense plain English.  
Here are some samples from our Interviewing HR kit.

How-to HR reference guides for your managers

Interviewing Guide for Managers

Interview Questionnaire

Questionnaire Instructions for Managers

Position Tracking Spreadsheet


Ready-to-Assemble HR Kits

Quickly & easily set up essential HR functions for your clients

Professionally written and curated HR documents and templates are pre-assembled into core HR kits. Each one focuses on an essential area of HR.

  • Follow the 5-step kit assembly instructions to quickly and easily set up essential HR functions for your clients such as hiring, performance reviews and HR administration
  • Assemble the HR kits using only Microsoft® Office®

Time is money, especially for HR Consultants.  With ConnectsUs™ HR kits, you can spend less time setting up your clients' essential HR functions and more time growing your practice.   ... More

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How To Use

Supercharge your HR Consulting Practice with ConnectsUs

Getting started with ConnectsUs™ is easy.  And the more you use it, the faster it gets to customize your HR toolkit for your latest client.  Work less and profit more.

Here's how to do it:

STEP 1:     Purchase ConnectsUs for Consultants.  This registers you as a Value Added Reseller.

STEP 2:     Log into the Resource Center.  Choose and download the HR kits or documents you need to create your HR toolkit; or customize them directly for individual clients.

STEP 3:     Create your own re-usable HR toolkit.  Customize your HR consulting toolkit to reflect your jurisdiction and industry specialization.

STEP 4:     Re-invent your value proposition and share it with potential clients. ConnectsUs can be your secret weapon to differentiate you from other HR consultants.  For example: 

  • Jan Smith is an experienced HR consultant offering HR services bundled with customized documents to create essential HR for small business.
  • We set up your first HR department quickly and economically. 
  • Jan Smith specializes in quickly implementing practical HR for small high tech companies.

STEP 5:     Re-use your HR toolkit for new clients.

STEP 6:     Refine your HR toolkit.  Take what you learn from each client implementation and improve your offering.  E.g., create a vertical (industry or sector-specific) offering.

STEP 7:    Renew your ConnectsUs subscription. 


What our customers say

  • "...Never before have I seen a product that so easily and completely supports the creation of HR practices. Don't reinvent the wheel - buy one of the best wheels invented to take your small business forward..."

    Patti Sheehan | Principal, Puget Sound People Solutions | Seattle, WA
  • “I love your products. You have done a truly fabulous job with your toolkits. I’ve just spent 3 hours customizing your toolkit for one of my clients, and what I’ve done already would have any senior management team ecstatic. Talk about return on investment!”

    Deborah Nicols | Principal HR Consultant, Nicols & Dymes Consulting Inc.
  • “...As an HR Professional, the toolkit is an indispensable resource. It includes templates I would never have thought to include for HR best practices..."

    Cyndy Ruiz | Principal HR Consultant, CRL & Associates | Seattle, WA
Different & Better

An elegant HR system

Not a giant grab bag of so-so HR templates

We created and curated every HR document and template in ConnectsUs™ to be part of a smoothly integrated HR system. Not an intimidating maze of thousands of documents, or 10 versions of the same document.

If it didn’t add value to HR fundamentals, it didn’t make the cut.  We knew you were counting on us to make HR fundamentals simpler and faster. Not harder and more confusing.

We 'get' HR consultants

And your small business clients

It’s not that we don’t appreciate crown corporations, unionized or public sector environments. It's just that our heart and passion is for small business.

We have decades of experience working with small, medium and large for-profit businesses in a variety of roles – VPs, Directors, Managers, Employees – and we've even been HR Consultants ourselves. We know what’s needed, what’s important and how to get things done on a less than generous budget.

We're resourceful. Like you. We know the tools you know and built our products with them so you can pick up ConnectsUs and assemble HR fundamentals for your clients – fast.

We know that HR's not just for HR

Created with the real end user in mind

We've made it easy for HR Consultants to customize and assemble our HR documents.  But it's easy to forget that your end client - the person who uses or reads your final HR guides, forms or processes - is usually not HR.  They're much more likely to be a manager or employee. 

What makes us different is that we haven't forgotten.  ConnectsUs HR™ was created for the 3 types of users serviced by HR consultants: your clients' staff, managers, and HR.  

  • Written using everyday language in plain English
  • Includes straightforward instruction documents for your staff that accompany every form or modifiable template
  • Friendly HR entry pages and point-and-click process guides eliminate 'folder view' and simplify how your staff finds and uses HR resources.

We know that your clients will appreciate that their HR was built with the ultimate end-users in mind. 

We're ethical

No small print. No pressure. No dirty tricks.

We don’t like being sold with those tactics, so we don’t use them.  We do the right thing, and keep our promises.

We let you preview before you buy and give you all the information up front. No small print. You won’t get endless calls from commissioned sales people giving you a party line that differs from the terms of use contract. No pressure. We don’t ask for your credit card up front. Once you decide to buy, we don’t see it and we don’t keep it on file. We don’t pre-check the “auto-renew box” and hide it at the end of the page. No dirty tricks.  

We do our very best to create solid HR solutions for small business, with no smoke and mirrors.  

Terms of Use

The Straight Goods

The rule book is clear and intuitive for HR Consultants. Just old fashioned common sense – and no small print.

Big picture – You can charge your clients for HR tools created from ConnectsUs templates as long as you bundle those products with corresponding services.  You can't sell your clients HR tools created from ConnectsUs templates without providing services.  In other words, re-branding and re-selling ConnectsUs products on their own, as your own, is a big no-no.

Read on for more detail.

  1. You can only use the downloaded HR documents and templates and file folders (“Downloaded Materials”), or Downloaded Materials derivatives for up to 5 new clients per annual subscription period providing:
    1. You have an active Product subscription; and
    2. You provide a minimum of 40 hours of accompanying HR services directly related to the subject matter represented by the Downloaded Materials you intend to make available to your clients.

      For example and clarification purposes, you are prohibited from selling services and Downloaded Materials related to the topic of Performance Reviews, and then charge extra to include Downloaded Materials related to Recruiting & Hiring, if you're not providing services relating to Recruiting & Hiring.  If you are not selling services to accompany the Downloaded Materials, ConnectsUs interprets that as re-selling the Product as your own.
    3. Your contract agreement with clients includes a clause that prevents your clients from creating their own products for resale or copying your work for use other than for their employees.

What You Are Permitted To Do

  1. Use the downloaded HR documents and templates and file folders (“Downloaded Materials”) directly for your clients; specifically,
  2. You can print, copy, and PDF documents and make as many copies of the downloaded HR documents and templates and file folders (“Downloaded Materials”) contained in the purchased Product.
  3. The Downloaded Materials are intended to be a flexible resource of HR materials for your own customized use. You may modify the Downloaded Materials at your own discretion including but not limited to branding with the purchased item with your company name, logo, styles and formatting.
  4. Use Downloaded Materials to create your re-usable HR toolkit.
  5. Re-use content from your HR toolkit for clients.
  6. Market and provide a bundled HR consulting offering that includes a combination of your HR consulting services and some or all of the Downloaded Materials or your re-usable toolkit.
  7. You can remove reference to ConnectsUs HR™ in the Downloaded Materials and you don't have to disclose to your clients that you're using ConnectsUs.
  8. You don't have to disclose your clients to ConnectsUs, but must maintain a record of all clients for which ConnectsUs was used.
  9. You don't need to renew a license for any clients who received the benefits of ConnectsUs or derivative documents in a previous subscription year.
  10. Premium Subscribers have access to examples and best practices outlined in HR Kits that are not related to Downloaded Materials, such as Creating Career Pages on your website.  You may use these examples and best practices to enhance your clients’ HR operations.

What You Are Not Permitted To Do

  1. You cannot purchase ConnectsUs HR™ for Small Business. You can only buy ConnectsUs HR™ for Consultants.
  2. You may not use the Products to create new products whether or not those products compete with the ConnectsUs Products, including but not limited to any products that incorporate any portions of the Products.
  3. Use any part of ConnectsUs to create your own products and resell them as your own.
  4. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or commercially distribute, sublicense, resell or transfer the Products other than as specifically permitted under this License Agreement.
  5. None of the materials in the Resource Center (“Resource Center Materials”) may be copied or reproduced, with the exception of examples and best practices created specifically for implementation for your clients as outlined in SECTION (4.10) of this Agreement.
  6. Use any component of Products for your clients without providing a minimum of 40 hours of services.
  7. Publicly or generally market yourself as selling a stand-alone proprietary or branded HR toolkit, ready-made HR templates, HR forms, HR documents, HR guides, or manager resources - without providing services to accompany those resources.
  8. Cancel your annual subscription before it expires.
  9. Use any component originating from the ConnectsUs Resource Center with new clients after your subscription has expired.  You must renew your subscription annually to maintain your license to use ConnectsUs products with new clients. 
  10. Give your clients or anyone other than yourself access to the ConnectsUs Resource Center.  It can only be accessed by you – the HR Consultant License holder.

Prefer legalese?  You can find the license agreement here