What's a business email? And why do I need one to purchase ConnectsUs for Small Business?

A business email is required to purchase ConnectsUs for Small Business. This business email will become your User login.

What is a business email?

  • A business email is an email with a unique email extension that is used by your company employees. Unlike JSmith@hotmail.com.  Or JDoe@gmail.com.  
  • For example, if your unique business email extension is @bobo.com, then your employees' emails will end with that extension.  Suzie@bobo.com, LarrySims@bobo.com.
  • Consumer email addresses will not be accepted (for example, @gmail.com, @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com, or any other internet service providers (ISP) generated email addresses, such as Comcast, Shaw, Telus, Bellnet.

What if I don't have a business email?

If you do not have a business email, unfortunately you will not be able to complete your order using our online purchasing process.  We kindly invite you to contact us and we will do our utmost to accommodate.

Why do I need a business email?

  • To protect copyright, ConnectsUs subscriptions can only be licensed to companies, with employees, that are not in the business of providing HR services.
  • The vast majority of established companies with employees and a need for our HR subscriptions have a business email and a company website.  
  • As such, to purchase an instant ConnectsUs subscription license using our online purchasing process, we require a business email which will become your User login. 
  • For faster registration of your subscription, it's also best, but not required, that you have a website that matches your business email. For example.  LarrySims@bobo.com matches the website www.bobo.com.
  • Asking a friend or relative to purchase a subscription on your behalf using their business email is against the terms & conditions of our license agreement and means that you are asking your friend or relative to place themselves and their company in a compromising position.

Who is not eligible to purchase ConnectsUs for Small Business subscriptions?

  • An individual without employees.
  • A Consultant or Service Provider whose services include providing any type of HR services.
  • Individuals, Consultants, or Service Providers whose services include providing HR services may purchase ConnectsUs for Consultants subscription at any time without the above restrictions.