What are the key points of the ConnectsUs license agreement and terms of use for HR Consultants?

The Straight Goods

The rule book is clear and intuitive. Just old fashioned common sense – and no small print.

By purchasing ConnectsUs for Consultants, you agree to the following terms:

Big picture – You can charge your clients for HR tools created from ConnectsUs templates as long as you bundle those products with corresponding services.  You can't sell your clients HR tools created from ConnectsUs templates without providing a reasonable degree of services.  In other words, re-branding and re-selling ConnectsUs products on their own, as your own, is a big no-no.

What you can do with ConnectsUs HR™ for Consultants

You can use the downloaded HR documents, templates, and file folders ("Downloaded Materials") for up to 5 new clients as long as you have an active ConnectsUs HR™ for Consultants subscription and you provide a minimum of 40 hours of your own consulting services to each client relating to the HR topic implemented. You can: 

  1. Use Downloaded Materials directly for your clients.
  2. Create your HR toolkit.
  3. Re-use content from your HR toolkit for clients.
  4. Market and provide an HR Consulting bundle offering that includes a combination of a minimum of 40 hours of your own HR consulting services and some or all of the ConnectsUs HR documents and templates. 
  5. You don't have to disclose to your clients that you're using ConnectsUs. You can modify documents and replace logos.
  6. You don't need to renew your bi-annual subscription for clients you acquired and for whom Downloaded Materials were used in a previous subscription period. 
  7. You must contractually have your clients sign that the Downloaded Materials you have produced for them are proprietary and cannot be sold, copied or re-used by anyone other than your clients' employees.  

What you can't do with ConnectsUs as a Consultant

You cannot:

  1. Purchase ConnectsUs HR™ for Small Business. You can only buy ConnectsUs HR™ for Consultants.
  2. Use any content on the ConnectsUs Resource Center for clients, or sell any component of Downloaded Materials, without providing a minimum of 40 hours of accompanying HR services directly related to the HR documents and templates you intend to give your client. For example, you can't sell them services and documents for Performance Reviews, and then charge extra to include templates for Recruiting & Hiring.  If you aren't selling services to accompany the templates, we interpret that as re-selling our product as your own.
  3. Use any part of ConnectsUs to create your own products and resell them as your own.
  4. Publicly or generally market yourself as selling a stand-alone proprietary or branded HR toolkit, ready-made HR templates, HR forms, HR documents, HR guides, or manager resources - without marketing that these tools are always accompanied by your services.  
  5. Cancel your subscription before it expires (6 months).
  6. Use any component originating from the ConnectsUs Resource Center with new clients after your subscription has expired.  You must renew your subscription bi-annually to maintain your license to use ConnectsUs products. 

  7. Give your clients access to the ConnectsUs Resource Center.  It can only be accessed by you – the HR Consultant License holder. 

Full License Agreement