Do I need HR experience to work with ConnectsUs?

The amount of HR experience required to customize the templates varies significantly, depending on the template content.

  • Some templates will require very little HR experience - and in some cases, very little customization. These can easily be modified by HR or de facto HR individuals working at a junior level.  Examples are Interviewing forms and Staff profiles.

  • Some templates require a more intermediate level of HR experience and topic knowledge.  For example, Performance Improvent Plans requires some knowledge of your business and legislation. 

  • Other templates are more complex and will require more advanced HR experience and topic knowledge.  For example, Compensation requires HR to coordinate with senior management to create your company's HR pay strategy and programs. 

TIP: Each HR template has a  Download and Customization Page that tells you at a glance whether the topic knowledge required is High, Low, or Intermediate.