Status Report Template
Status Report Template Bypass unimportant details and
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Status Report Template

This Status Report template is a report provided to an HR Consultant's client, summarizing results, accomplishments, and challenges for a previous period, as well as upcoming tasks and projects. 

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Consultants need to keep clients in the loop. Regular project status reports deliver updates and flag any issues you’re facing. They also show what you still need to do.

The result? Better communication and a way to build and maintain trust with your client.

Following are a few key points or considerations we feel are important to highlight regarding the status report template.

Section Comments
Main areas of focus for the period Provide a high-level summary of the main areas you focused on during the period.  
Accomplishments or results Capture what you achieved during the period. These should be high-level bullet points outlining the main accomplishments/results. Avoid detail unless absolutely necessary.
Activities still in progress Document any activities you are still working on, and the current status of these activities. For example: Are these activities on track? What is the estimated completion date?
New activities to begin next period Document the activities you will be starting work on next period.
Issues or roadblocks requiring immediate attention Capture any challenges you are facing, or any roadblocks that prevent you from making further progress on in-progress or planned activities.
Interdependencies or identified risks that will affect successful outcomes Identify any real or potential risks that the client needs to be aware of, and any interdependencies that may prevent you from achieving planned results or goals for the next period.
Comments/Questions Record any other comments or questions you may have concerning the accomplishments/results for the period, and/or the in-progress or planned activities for the next period.

Why Use the Status Report template

  • To capture a snapshot view of accomplishments for the period, in-progress and planned activities, and roadblocks or challenges to be addressed.

Benefits of the Status Report template

  • Reinforces what you have achieved during the period.
  • Draws the client's attention to any challenges or risks faced.
  • Ensures you and the client are on the same page with regards to the next activities to be worked on.

Download the Status Report template

Download the Status Report! This template is included in the HR Consulting Kit, a comprehensive kit that features templates & best practices to set up & manage your HR consulting practice.

Tips for working with the Status Report template

  • Be succinct and strive for an error free and accurate status report. Run a spell check after completing the report. Sometimes, your client may need to share/forward this report to other stake holders and it is in your best interest that your work is presented in a favourable light as it reflects on the quality of your work. 
  • Present status report in a timely manner. Early intervention and help with issues encountered will ensure a smooth running project and effective use of your time and your client's money.  
  • Be prepared and open to changes in the plan. Sometimes it's more effective to change a course of action than to remove roadblocks. 
  • Before starting your engagement, agree with your client on the frequency of a status report. Our recommendation is at least once a week as details are still fresh in the mind and your client will certainly appreciate an update on the progress made and issues encountered.