Legislation or Case Law

Mechalchuk v. Galaxy Motors

5 take-aways from Mechalchuk v. Galaxy Motors, where a court rules that an employer had a valid reason to fire an employee who claimed an accumulated value of $250 worth of personal meals as business expenses. 

Consequences of no Sexual Harassment Policy

A recent Human Rights case illustrates the consequences of not having a sexual harassment policy in the workplace. 

Can your employer discipline or fire you for expressing your opinions on the Hamas-Israel conflict

Does a Canadian employer, such as Moxies, have the right to discipline or fire you for your on or off-duty conduct and social media posts related to the current Hamas-Israel conflict?  The answer is, it depends. 


In a recent article, Robert Smithson addresses the recent BC Human Rights Tribunal v. Gibraltar Mines Ltd. case that reinforces the employer's need to accommodate an employee's change in family circumstances and provides his perspective on accommodating the increased breadth of “family status” human rights claims.