HR Documents

Why your Canadian Employees must sign their Employment Contract before their First Day at Work.

It's critical that your business obtains employee sign off and acceptance of their terms and conditions of employment prior to the employee's first day of work. Here's why and some tips. 

These remote workers admit to slacking off

Turns out that your remote workers are distracted during the day.  So what?

Find out why distraction may not matter if you do these 2 things.   

Common Job Description Mistakes

If an employee continuously fails to fulfill the expectations of their job description, chances are that you’ll be (politely) showing them the door. But if your job descriptions fall into the danger zone of any of these common mistakes.. maybe it’s the job description that should be shown the door, not the employee.

Download free Teleworking Policy and Agreement

“We had a guy who was supposed to be working from home but Facebooked pictures of himself enjoying lunch at a strip club.”

Marie Kondo your electronic HR file folders

Admit it. (No one's listening). You're still using paper HR documents & filing cabinets.

Download the zip file that contains a pre-assembled directory of electronic HR folders and sub-folders to instantly Marie Kondo your documents.  Guaranteed to spark joy.