Ariane Laird - The Informal Side

Q:  First job?

A:  Shoe salesperson. I was fired when a woman asked me what I thought of the shoes she tried on, and I replied honestly that I thought they made her ankles look big.  So much for transparency.

Q:  4 words people use to describe you? 

A:   laughter  |  tenacious  |  rebel  |  direct

Q:  Your passion?

A:  Creating, figuring it out, getting it over the finish line, educating girls

Q:  Stuck on a deserted island?  What person whom you've never met do you take with you?

A:  Billy Bob Thornton (only because I hear he's really good at catching fish)

Q:  You're teaching a self improvement course. What is it?

A:  How to focus.

Q:  You're taking a self improvement course.  What is it?

A:  How to teach a focus class.  How to drive in Vancouver without losing it.  How to write bios. 

Q:  Alternate career?

A:  Lawyer, private investigator, judge, journalist, spa owner (or any position that delivers free treatments)

Q:  Pet peeves?

A:  The word entitlement, victims as a way of life, bullying, traffic, voice messages, anything paper, brussel sprouts, pick a Kardashian. (wow, that was cathartic!)

Q:  Favorite quotes?

A:  “The primary cause of unhappiness is not the situation, but your thoughts about it.” Eckart Tolle
There are times when all you can do is what comes next.  Ruth McGillivray | Singer/Songwriter.