Crysta - The Professional Side

What I do @ ConnectsUs

  • HR research & best practices
  • Create | improve | update HR products
  • Lots of writing!
  • Legislation updates
  • Liaise with legal partners
  • Liaise with customers


Crysta has global HR experience having worked with multinational companies with employees in Canada, Europe and Asia. Prior to joining ConnectsUs, Crysta spent 9 years with a successful high tech company in Vancouver and was an integral part in its growth from 30 to 105 employees. As a sole HR practitioner in the company, Crysta understands pragmatism, and resourcefulness. Most importantly, she understands HR for small business - what works and what doesn't.   

Crysta is CPHR-certified, and when she's not working, can be found raising her family, reading, baking, and staying current in the field of HR. 

  • "...I wish I had this product years ago! It is an invaluable tool for time and resource-strapped HR departments to quickly turn out quality HR practices and procedures..."

    Coleen Hunter | National Director, Human Resources, PharmaSave
  • “…We were constantly “reinventing” the wheel when it came to establishing even the most basic administrative policies, procedures and templates (we were constantly “borrowing” examples from our sister organizations).  Your product provides us with virtually everything we were looking for in one nice, neat customizable package.”

    Brenda Taillefer | Executive Assistant, Athabasca Watershed Council
  • "...In a small business, best HR practices are sometimes not implemented due to a lack of resources or HR knowledge. With ConnectsUs products, we were able to implement them quickly and easily."

    Chris Breikss | President, 6S Marketing Inc. | New York, New York
  • "...Never before have I seen a product that so easily and completely supports the creation of HR practices. Don't reinvent the wheel - buy one of the best wheels invented to take your small business forward..."

    Patti Sheehan | Principal, Puget Sound People Solutions | Seattle, WA
  • "As a fresh start up with big growth plans, ConnectsUs products were the perfect tools for establishing our HR baseline. It's truly invaluable.”

    Bill Tam | CEO, EQO Communications
  • ...Finally!  A straightforward and comprehensive HR toolkit that makes sense for small businesses...
    Dana Murray | President, Prospec | Seattle, WA