Andrea - The Professional Side

What I do @ ConnectsUs

  • Manage Technical Website Development Crew
  • Website System Architect
  • Head of Complaints Department


Andrea studied Computer Science at the University of Toronto, specializing in Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence. It was at this time that she founded Brainflex, a project that began life as a computer enrichment program for children.

Upon graduation, Andrea knew that she was definitely not interested in being a ‘code monkey’ (not that there’s anything wrong with that :-) ). So she packed her bags, left the big city, and traveled to Asia.

For the next three years she spent her time teaching, dancing, trekking, lounging, becoming a frog in a puddle during the monsoons… you get the picture. She learned a lot about herself, including the fact that “the mountains help me to breathe.” When she returned from her travels, she landed on the west coast of BC (mountains, yes, but still lots of puddles), and traveled inland to find community, less puddles, and a career building websites for a Photoshop wizard of a designer.

Ten years have passed, and Andrea’s communication, planning, and organization skills, together with her desire for creativity and variety in her work, have led her into the chair of project manager/website architect. When she’s not working with us at ConnectsUs, this talented and versatile web mistress builds and administers systems for a myriad of online businesses, including potters, painters, candle makers, landscapers, singers, firefighters, inventors, photographers, importers, social services, and professional associations. You can see her extensive portfolio at

One project that is particularly close to Andrea’s heart and definitely keeps her busy is WWOOF Canada (our tech wiz, Fish, is an integral member of the WWOOF Canada team too!).