Supporting Sustainability & Families with the way we conduct business

Our way of giving back

ConnectsUs believes that companies can do a lot to support families and environmental sustainability by the way we conduct business - without cutting into the bottom line.

Here are some of the ways we strive to make a difference.

Everyone works remotely

All staff members work remotely.  Most work outside of the city, and some even work on islands! 

How we do it

Here's how it's done using common cloud technology tools: 

  • Our meetings are held just as frequently as in any other business.  We use:
    • instant messaging and chat functionality that keeps us in touch throughout the day - including impromptu water cooler discussions. 
    • video conferencing that can be launched instantly
    • standing re-occurring meetings
  • We use a remote file sharing, collaboration and version-control service
  • We use an online project management system to keep everyone accountable and our project status' and discussions documented   
  • Our email system alerts a number of staff members so we're always ready to deal with enquiries and customer support questions when they arrive
  • Our phone system was customized to transfer to various phones connected in each of our locations.  Communication between staff ensure that hours outside of core hours can be coordinated with flexible phone switches. 

Why it's a good thing for staff & their families

  • Most of our staff have school-aged children and it provides them with ultimate flexibility in how and when their work is done.  It means that a parent is in the home when needed and has the flexibility to attend to household matters during a work day.  Think: laundry, spaghetti sauce, stair master. 
  • Eliminates travel time to and from the office.  In some cases, this can easily equate to an additional 3 hours a day. 
  • Our staff save significant money on gas and wear and tear on their vehicles.
  • No need to purchase business attire.  
  • Eating out lunch expenses are eliminated. 
  • We can stick to healthy eating and can fit in an exercise routine when it's convenient.  
  • Everyone brings their pets to work!
  • No one's ever late for work or meetings!
  • It's also an ideal arrangement for introverts who historically have had to masquerade as extroverts to fit into most workplaces operated and designed for extroverts. They often need quiet space and minimal interruptions to focus and do their jobs well.  (We've found that there's a direct correlation between introverts and successful experiences with working remotely). 

Why it's a good thing for our planet

  • Reduces every staff member's environmental footprint by completely eliminating vehicle emissions driving to and from the office. 
  • Eliminates having to heat/cool another facility that houses us in an office during the day.
  • We're completely paperless and all files are stored in the cloud. 

We support the Boys & Girls Club

We're big fans of and support the Boys & Girls Club - an organization that believes, as we do, that every kid is amazing. It provides children and youth with what they deserve: a place to belong when they aren’t at home or in school.