Sue - The Informal Side

Q:  4 words people use to describe you?  

A:  happy  |  outspoken  |  witty | decisive

Q:  Stuck on a deserted island?  What person whom you've never met do you take with you?

A:  Les Stroud – Survivorman.   For obvious reasons and I have a bit of a crush on him.

Q:  You're teaching a self improvement course. What is it?

A:  How to ensure you have every type of sporting equipment just in case a game breaks out.

Q:  You're taking a self improvement course.  What is it?

A:  How to stop giving your university aged child (aka: adult child) unsolicited advice.  “I think you need a coat."  “You should go to the bathroom before you leave.” “Did you get something to eat? You must be hungry.”

Q: Your passion?

A: I love love love our annual family vacations on the Oregon coast surfing and body boarding.  I also love to golf.

Q:  Alternate career?

A:  Archeologist, Professional Hockey Player, Comedian