Jo - The Professional Side

What I do @ ConnectsUs

  • Product project management
  • Template structure & content
  • Resource Center content
  • Graphics
  • Video tutorials
  • Web copy writing/editing/proof reading
  • Website administration
  • Language/style/formatting police


Jo began working in the IT sector over 15 years ago, and soon discovered her love (we’re not kidding!) for technical writing. She has worked for software companies in Canada and the UK, and has experience in a variety of areas - the life sciences, desktop publishing, photo editing, video editing, customer relationship management, business and security.

Always up for a challenge, Jo can turn her hand to many different writing styles and communication media. She has written and illustrated user guides, software installation guides, developer documentation, marketing materials, blogs, and technical whitepapers. She has also created video tutorials and developed and delivered training materials.

Versatile, creative, detail-oriented, and tenacious, Jo is committed to getting the job done and getting to the point – plain English please!

When she's not working, Jo can be found in the gym, running the trails, buried in a book, or at Starbucks (last two are not mutually exclusive).