Fish - The Professional Side

What I do @ ConnectsUs

  • Development and maintenance of website and resource centers
  • Web interface and back-end development
  • Tracking down bugs and glitches (not that they happen often!)
  • Assist Andrea with the highly technical side of web design
  • Assist with web hosting and performance issues


Peter "Fish" Fisera is a born computer programmer.  When he was 16, Fish's high school math teacher granted him access to the only Apple II computer that his school possessed (yes, this was many years ago), which up until that point only Grade 12 math honors students had been allowed to touch.  He started writing code almost immediately, writing a biorhythm program and a spirograph-like graphics program.

After graduating from high school, Fish was temporarily sidetracked by Electronics Engineering (University of Calgary), but eventually returned to computers and received a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Alberta.

Fish then moved to Vancouver, where he spent almost 10 years writing code for LAN-based database systems large and small - mainly in the Advanced Revelation language (we had to Google that too). However, he was itching to start building websites for this new 'Internet thing'... He built his first website in 1998 - a volunteer job for a music festival. After that, there was no going back; he was hooked, and he wanted more.

By 2000, Fish had left Advanced Revelation behind and was working for a small web shop, learning Cold Fusion, ASP and php.

Fish has been a self-employed consultant for the last six years, working primarily in Drupal/php (although he did help develop the previous version of in Cold Fusion).  He works as an independent, but mainly with Andrea, on various projects including the WWOOF Canada website - and of course, on