Fish - The Informal Side

Q:  First job?

A:  Cutting lawns for the Town of Canmore for about $6/hour.

Q:  4 words people use to describe you? 

A:   smart  |  funny  |  thorough  |  friendly

Q:  Your passion?

A:  Electronic music, or "techno" as some call it.

Q:  Stuck on a deserted island?  What person whom you've never met do you take with you?

A:  Yes, I could probably name a bunch of supermodels here, who I really know very little about... but I think Gabor Maté would be an interesting cat to hang out with. There would never be an end to the conversation. We could psychoanalyze each other until the coconuts came home.

Q:  You're teaching a self improvement course. What is it?

A:  How to Get Past Social Anxiety, Ageism, and Other Fears, and Start Attending Electronic Music Dance Parties with Impunity!

Q:  You're taking a self improvement course.  What is it?

A:  Stop Procrastinating... NOW!  Not later, NOW!

Q:  Alternate career?

A:  Musician. Or maybe stand-up comedian.

Q:  Pet peeves?

A:  Incompetent technical support, bad television, sloppy reporting, placing profits before people and the environment

Q:  Favorite quote?

A:  When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.  Hunter S. Thompson

Q:  Favorite foods?

A:  curry, pasta, oatmeal