Sarah Visca - The Professional Side

What I do @ ConnectsUs

  • Marketing support
  • Customer service
  • Website & product maintenance
  • Admin support
  • Product research & development
  • Operations
  • Jack of all trades


Sarah joined the ConnectsUs team early on in 2007 as a young office clerk. Her responsibilities included invoicing, managing expense receipts, and data entry using Quickbooks. Sarah’s enthusiasm to finish tasks efficiently and orderly made her a great candidate to assemble and package binders for shipment. Yes, this was back before the world enjoyed the digital life and still printed everything!

Sarah has spent the last few years living in Montreal where she completed her undergraduate degree in Economics and gained experience at bMod Communications, a privately owned healthcare marketing agency. As a marketing project coordinator, her tasks spanned from administrative work like data entry and invoicing to coordinating project schedules, resources and information to the departments of Creative, Production, and Consultants. Her favourite responsibility was proofreading creative projects and being a part of the team as they collaborated to go from beginning concept to finished artwork. 

Although she loves Montreal, Sarah decided to exchange her winter jacket for a rain jacket and move back to Vancouver and rejoin the ConnectsUs team. The fresh air, mountains, and opportunity was calling her name! On her down time, you can find Sarah with friends and family, hiking in the mountains, walking her dog along the Seawall, cooking, baking and fueling her caffeine addiction.