Sarah Visca - The Informal Side

Q:  4 words people use to describe you?  

A:  organized | vibrant | diligent | thoughtful

Q:  Stuck on a deserted island?  What person whom you've never met do you take with you?

A:  Anyone who comes prepared with extra sunscreen to share. I don’t do so well in the sun. 

Q:  You're teaching a self improvement course. What is it?

A:  How to Manage Your Time and Be on Time!

Q:  You're taking a self improvement course.  What is it?

A:  How to Stick to Your Budget and Stop Being an Impulsive Shopper

Q: Your passion?

A: Animal welfare, environmental sustainability, clean eating, and is it too much to say organization is cool.... probably, but I freaking love it!

Q:  Alternate career?

A:  Environmental economist, professional organizer, Animal Cruelty Investigator 

Q:  Favorite Quote?​

A:  Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm – Winston Churchill 

Q: Favorite Food?

A: Pasta. Always. 

Q:  Pet Peeves?

A:  Subway pole huggers, littering, hoarders, and just TELL ME if you’re going to be late.