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Introducing the
Mental Health Portal
Supporting employee wellbeing

Mental Health Portal

NEW!  Based on customer feedback, the HR Toolkit now includes a Mental Health Portal that helps small business create a psychologically healthy workplace and supports both employee wellbeing and the goals of your business.  It includes guidance, situational FAQs, surveys, templates, and resources that provide a straightforward approach to moving forward with mental health strategies.

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Login and follow the banner to access the new Mental Health Portal. Click here to find out which HR Toolkit is right for you. 

What you Get 

The Mental Health Portal is broken down into four components and sub-topics:


  • Mental Health Overview
  • Duty to Accommodate
  • Small Business Considerations

The Fundamentals

  • Mental Health Policy Template
  • Resources for Employees
  • Training for Managers
  • Mental Health Scenarios

Creating a PH&S Program

  • Build an Action Team
  • Survey your Employees  (includes example online survey)
  • Build Employee Resilience
  • Enhance Employee Knowledge
  • Rethink Recruitment
  • Create a PH&S Culture


  • Workplace Mental Health Index
  • Summary of Useful Tools