COVID-19 Resources

Our HR Tookit for Small Business or HR Consultants
provides you with the COVID-19 resources you need
to help you manage the pandemic as it relates to your workplace.


Get access to the up-to-date COVID-19 resources you need, organized and categorized in one central place including updates, resources and templates.

What's Included

The HR Toolkit's COVID-19 Resources & Templates Portal includes the following resources:

  • Get Weekly COVID-19 Updates directly in your inbox.

  • Policies & Procedures 

    • Employee Handbooks & HR Manuals updated with COVID-19 policies for ON, AB & BC 
    • COVID-19 Communications Plan & Templates  
    • Strategies to consider before Laying Off staff
    • Working from Home  
    • Keeping Employees Safe  
  • Government Programs & Support​

    • Government Programs & Support for EMPLOYERS   
    • Government Programs & Support for EMPLOYEES
  • FAQs

    • COVID-19 FAQs
    • CEWS - Employer FAQs  
    • Work Refusals - Employer FAQs   
  • Returning to the Workplace 

  • Resources & Links

    • Contact an Employment Lawyer  
    • Official COVID-19 Resources & Links 

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