Why can't Consultants purchase ConnectsUs for Small Business?

Our original intent was to follow through with our mission to provide affordable HR toolkits to small businesses that don't have a lot of experience or resources to establish and manage their HR fundamentals. Establishing HR fundamentals would make them more successful and profitable.

We didn't set out to enable HR consultants with an instant toolkit for use in their practice because that would mean increased competition in our market, which didn't make a lot of business sense. We didn't think HR consultants would be permitted to purchase ConnectsUs.  

But then, we decided that HR Consultants could play an important role in realizing our mission. By combining our toolkits with HR consulting services, small business would have a second alternative for establishing their HR fundamentals using ConnectsUs, even though those clients would likely never know they're using our products.

Bottom line? HR consultants can absolutely have access to our toolkit, just not at the same price.  If a consultant can access a professional toolkit to create HR fundamentals & systems, and re-use them for multiple clients, the price should reflect a multi-user license.

An HR Consultant can use ConnectsUs for up to 5 clients bi-annually, for less than the price of two single licenses.  Even if their license if used with just one client, HR consultants will realize a substantial saving using ConnectsUs to jump-start their project.