What do I need to know about your online purchase requirements for ConnectsUs for Small Business?

The online purchasing process for ConnectsUs for Small Business requires that:  

  • You have a business email address.   Example:  Janet.Moore@YourCompany.com, not Janet.Moore@gmail.com  
  • You have a business website.  Example:  www.YourCompany.com
  • You have a business email that matches the business website.  Example:  Janet.Moore@YourCompany.com matches www.YourCompany.com  (not mandatory, but if your website doesn't match your email, you'll be asked to explain why)
  • You are not an HR consultant or provider of HR services.  HR consultants can only purchase ConnectsUs for Consultants

Don’t have all the requirements? No problem. You may not be able to complete your order online, but you can contact us in person to process your order.