I've already got an HR toolkit. What does ConnectsUs offer Consultants that I don't already have?

As HR Consultants, most of us have accumulated our own HR toolkit, which serves as a component of setting up an HR foundation for clients. Typically, our bags of tricks includes a collection of forms, templates, employee manuals, spreadsheets, guides, and agreements.  Here's the challenge:

  • The toolkit is often unorganized, incomplete, poorly formatted and not 'client-ready.'
  • The documents often include proprietary content obtained throughout our career.
  • The language and flow of our toolkits are usually created for HR pros. But our audience is small business executive teams, managers, and staff - the ultimate end users of the HR collateral. 

We carry on: "It's good enough." "I'll put some time aside next month to improve it." "No one will notice." "I'm successful enough."...
If those statements are true, congratulations. You likely don't need our HR toolkits. No need to read any further, and we're glad you stopped by.  

But if you are looking to improve your offering to clients, ConnectsUs HR™ for Consultants just may be the solution.