Is ConnectsUs legally compliant?

Some areas of HR include legilative requirements.  Some areas are not legislated.

The purpose of ConnectsUs is to introduce HR and business best practices to small business and to help you build out practical HR that is easily accessed and understood by your managers, staff and HR. . 

Here's what you need to know: 

  • If the content of a template covers legislated topics, we tell you on the Help page for that template (available to Plus & Premium subscribers only).

  • ConnectsUs documents and templates are by definition ‘templates’. This means that they are generic and are not created for a particular industry or jurisdiction.  

  • We expect templates will be customized differently by each ConnectsUs customer. It's your responsibility to ensure that your finished product observes and complies with statutory laws and regulations.

  • While aiming to provide a comprehensive HR template toolkit, the developers of ConnectsUs cannot anticipate every client’s individual structure, situation, industry, or jurisdiction.

Please note:  ConnectsUs is horizontal product, designed for a broad industry and geographic audience. This means that adhering to industry and jurisdiction-specific legislation is beyond the scope of our products.