40% of our customers don't operate in Canada.

Many of our customers use the HR Toolkit because they love the way our documents are consistently structured and formatted, and appreciate the way they are written.  There's a modern feel to them and look like they were written by one writer, in one voice. Documents also tie together to create HR processes which is not a common template feature. 

Many areas of HR represent best practices, regardless of jurisdiction, as long as common sense is practiced and discrimination laws are respected. For example: recruitment, HR administration, performance management and compensation.  

Employee Manuals

Although all our employee handbooks or manuals were created and reviewed for 3 Canadian provinces, they can easily be used for other provinces or countries since most topics represent HR best practices.  

If you don't operate in Ontario, Alberta or BC and you're unsure about which employee handbook kit to choose, choose Ontario since Ontario has the highest number of employment regulations.