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Consulting Templates

Get the documents you need to run a successful HR Consulting practice.

Each template is downloaded from its own web page that gives you loads of information and tips on how to customize and use it.

Templates identified with an asterisk (*) are Excel documents. All other templates are Microsoft Word documents.



Consulting Budget*

Worksheet used by an HR Consultant to budget and track revenue, expenses, and cash flow
HR Services Brochure Brochure/flyer examples used to market and summarize services provided by an HR Consultant

HR Services Proposal

Summary of services to be provided to a prospective client by an HR Consultant, typically presented after the initial discovery meeting

Client Contract Agreement

Contractual agreement that establishes terms and conditions for services performed by an HR Consultant for a client

Client Invoice

Invoice used to list and describe the services provided by an HR Consultant to a client

Timesheets & Expenses*

Workbook containing 3 spreadsheets, each representing a different type of timesheet. Used to track time and expenses associated with HR consulting services. May or may not be presented to client with their invoice
Status Report Report provided to an HR Consultant's client, summarizing results, accomplishments, and challenges for a previous period, as well as upcoming tasks and projects

Recruiting Schedule & Estimate*

Print-ready spreadsheet used by HR Consultants to outline the estimated costs and timelines associated with a particular search for a client

Preliminary Client Questionnaire

Comprehensive questionnaire presented to client once the HR Consultant is hired. Provides HR Consultant with key information about the client and their existing HR processes to help determine project requirements

HR Audit*

Spreadsheet used by the HR Consultant to assign importance categories to HR functions to define client priorities. Categories include: CriticalImportantRecommended, and Optional

Client HR Plan

A framework and menu of HR topics used to create an HR strategy or HR philosophy document. Used to guide and drive HR programs and take the guesswork out of creating consistent HR initiatives

Client Priorities Spreadsheet*

Workbook that includes spreadsheets HR Consultants can use to record and manage client priorities, and document status and completion % of each task/project. May also be used to provide client with details for each billing period