Premium Templates

Still reinventing the wheel when creating HR for clients? Or using copyrighted HR materials and 'not-too-sure-about-the-source' documents rendered by internet searches?

If you're an HR consultant, you know that when you need to produce a document for a client,  you cringe a little when you open that template you created 10 years ago,  Odds are you have to start again from scratch or rewrite it, change the tone, improve the formatting, and try to make it look, sound like and connect to your other templates that you've already submitted. Chances are that your work product is likely disjointed and, well... poorly written. And your clients do notice. 

We've got you covered!

Get up and running fast by creating single documents as required by your client, with click-&-edit placeholders. 

What you Get

  • 250+ premium editable templates that work for your small business clients: 

    • Employee handbooks

    • Contracts

    • Forms

    • Spreadsheets

    • Letters

    • Manager guides

    • Checklists. 

      Every form, eg. Performance Review Form, comes with a customizable instructions document for your staff, so they know how to fill it out and what to do with it. 

  • A help page for every single template.

Features & Benefits

Templates made for small business.
If a document didn’t add value to HR fundamentals, it didn’t make the cut.  We focused on quality, not quantity. No more searching the internet for inconsistent format and language. And no more wading through an intimidating maze of thousands of mediocre and old-school documents, or 10 random versions of the same document."