Example Employee Intranet

NEW!  It can be challenging for users to visualize how to launch their client's HR.  The truth is that  80% of HR tools are actually created for your clients' staff and managers, and we need a way to provide them with user-friendly access.  

The HR Toolkit now includes a live example employee intranet that marries the HR Toolkit resources (forms, documents, guides, HR processes, and surveys) with a structured navigation that lets you visualize how important information can be served up to your clients' workforce, regardless of their size.  Because it's always easier to edit, than create!

The best part when creating your client's own intranet is that they, not their subscription-based HR vendor, control and own their content - including training materials.  

Click on the link below to access limited components of the sample intranet. Or buy now and access all pages.  

Sample Employee Intranet

Use the HR Toolkit resources and this example employee intranet as a starting point. Talk to your IT staff about the best way for you to create an online platform so your employees can get the latest version of the information they need to be productive and efficient without having to piece together various old versions of documents located in various folders.  

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