Gregg - The Professional Side

What I do @ ConnectsUs

  • Work with defining product strategy & architecture
  • Work on developing and building core product functionality and features
  • Work on defining and implementing design and visual direction
  • Work as technical project manager


Gregg has been working as a designer, developer and animator for over 15 years and has lived and worked around the world in South Africa, USA, UK and Canada.

He has been responsible for planning and executing a range of varied creative web and media projects over the course of his career through both his own company iaminawe and for other clients as a consultant and sub-contractor for other studios.

His work has focused on Drupal web development over the last 8 years and he has built out and worked on a range of large scale enterprise drupal sites including systems for communities, businesses and individuals in the government, education, entertainment, publishing and product spaces. He is detail orientated when honing in on a bug or issue but also big picture aware when working on strategy and user experience. When not working his way through tickets he enjoys snowboarding and spending time with his family