New! Six Month Subscriptions

Dear Valued Customer,

We wanted to let you know that effective January 01, 2022, our products have moved from an annual to a 6-month subscription model.

Over the last year we've added exciting new features which include:

  • A new and improved Resource Center and interface
  • Chat functionality
  • HR Toolkit:
    • Mental Health Portal
    • Employee Sample Intranet
    • Complete re-vamp of the Employee Manual Kit and templates
    • As well as staying on top of ever-changing COVID-19 and legislation updates that are compiled weekly.

While our prices have remained unchanged for several years - despite significantly rising costs - these new changes require additional resources on our end that call for a pricing change.  Pricing for subscriptions remain competitive and continue to provide high value for the price point and align with our mission to provide affordable HR solutions to small business and consultants. 

We obtained customer feedback and determined that it may be challenging for some of our small business and consultant customers to absorb this increase all at once. So we've cut the subscription period in half to make it easier to renew in increments. As always, you'll receive a reminder to renew after 6 months, and if you like what we do and find that we provide value, we hope to see you renew with us again bi-annually.

We sincerely value your business and feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by contacting us here, where you also have an option to contact me directly under the field "Type of Inquiry".

With Gratitude,


Ariane Laird

CEO, ConnectsUs HR.