Template Features

Not just templates. Ours are different, and better - and they make you look good. 

250 original HR documents & templates

created for your staff, managers and HR:

  • Employee Handbook  (Ontario example - available for other jurisdictions)
    Written to be applicable to both employees and non-employees
  • Comprehensive Orientation Manual 
  • How-to guides for managers 
  • Procedures Documents that outline step-by-step processes for staff
  • HR forms, spreadsheets, letters, checklists
    Every form & template comes with an accompanying instructions document for your staff, so they know how to fill it out and what to do with it 

Cross-referenced families

HR templates are written, designed & organized into families of documents - each focusing on an HR topic - so they connect to each other and make sense as a grouping. They're cross-referenced but they were also created so they can easily be used as stand-alone documents.

Quality - not quantity

We've done the writing, editing, sorting, culling and assembly to save you time when creating your HR.  Lots of it.  The templates are curated so you don't have to wade through an intimidating maze of thousands of mediocre and old-school HR templates, or 10 random versions of the same document, to piece together a collection that works for your HR. If it didn’t add value to HR fundamentals, it didn’t make the cut.  

We 'get' that HR's not just for HR

In fact, it's easy to forget that the real users and readers of HR guides, forms or processes is more likely to be your managers and staff.  What makes us different is that we haven't forgotten!

  • A straightforward instruction document for your staff accompanies every form or modifiable template.  
  • Written using everyday language in plain English

Professional formatting improves usability and makes you look like a pro!

  • Professional, consistent formatting applied from a custom suite of pre-defined styles
  • Uses the same format in every template so your readers get accustomed to the flow of your HR documents and know what to expect. 
  • Clear, hierarchical header structure make the documents easy to scan and read

Quick editing

  • Pre-written content that eliminates 'blank page syndrome'
  • Uses only Microsoft Word. No new software to learn
  • Update logos, fonts and colours to match your brand with a couple of clicks
  • 'Click and replace' placeholder fields make it easy to insert company-specific information in the right places
  • Highlighted keywords let you replace placeholder terms with your company-specific terms with the click of a mouse

Written so they're easy to read

  • Written in plain language (except where legalese is required)
  • Reviewed and edited by one writer so there's a consistent language & voice throughout
  • Uses a modern and business-casual tone for today's workforce
  • Gender neutral. Written without the use of he, she, her, his, etc., without sounding forced.

Professional expertise puts your mind at ease

  • Created by experienced HR Consultants 
  • Reviewed by employment lawyers
  • Written & edited by experienced, professional writers 

HR Template Help Page 

Each template has its very own Help Page. 

  • It's where you preview and download your template
  • It also covers the who, what, when, where, and how:  
    • Information about the document
    • How and when it's used
    • Legal cautions & risks
    • How to customize and save your documents
    • Tips