Who are the 'real' end users of HR documents?

It may surprise you to learn that HR is typically not the End User of the majority of HR forms, guides, letters, checklists, or other HR templates.

Someone responsible for HR is usually tasked with the initial customization or editing of a ConnectsUs template – so that it aligns with the company's language, logo and brand, as well as business processes. However, the individuals who use or read the final document are much more likely to be managers and staff, or staff in a specific department such as Accounting or Payroll. 

Consider this...

  • Q:  Who's the actual user of a performance review form? 
    • A:  Managers and staff
  • Q:  Who in your company would benefit from a guide that outlines how to approach a performance improvement situation? 
    • A:  Line managers
  • Q:  Who needs to understand how to complete a time sheet or a job description form? 
    • A:  Managers and staff
  • Q:  Whose responsibility is it to provide a candidate with the bad news that someone else got the job? 
    • A:  Interviewing managers
  • Q:  What is the final destination department that makes use of and files a completed salary increase form? 
    • A:  Accounting/Payroll function.

What makes ConnectsUs HR different is that our templates were created for 3 specific intended audiences: staff, managers, and HR.  In addition, ConnectsUs also provides straightforward instructions and tips created specifically for the individuals who will actually be using the documents.