When I download a template, can I change your logo, and edit anything else I want? Can I then save it anywhere I want? 

Customizing the Document

When you buy ConnectsUs HR, you're essentially buying a perpetual license to use our templates.  You can switch out the logo, footer and all content if you like.

The ConnectsUs brand does not have to remain in the document. change our templates any way you like.

Saving the Templates

Once you download the templates, you can save them wherever you want, as long as the final destination is on your company server.   

Can I do anything I like with the Templates? 

Yes and no.

You can do what is shown above. What you can't do is use the template outside the legal entity that the perpetual license was assigned to. In other words, you can't give a template or templates to your brother in law. 

It can only be used for the ConnectsUs HR user and the staff within that legal entity.