What's a step-by-step Process Guide for Staff?

A step-by-step Process Guide for Staff is a customizable ConnectsUs HR template that ties the Kit's family of documents together to document your company process so staff know when, how, and what to do and who's responsible for each step.

Here's an example Process Guide for Interviewing that begins with a table of contents for quick access to each step. 

  • They're used by your staff to reference and follow the process you've standardized in your company for a core HR function, for example, Interviewing
  • It describes the steps, roles and responsibilities and resources needed to complete the step. 
  • In the example above, the step outlines:
    • How to create an interview questionnaire
    • What's done by the Manager
    • What's done by the Administrator
    • The orange links provide instant access the required forms or other resources
    • An additional tip is included in the sidebar