What's an HR system?

HR documents and forms are rarely used in isolation; they often relate to other documents as part of an integrated process or multiple processes.  We call those integrated processes your 'HR system'.

Your integrated HR system would provide HR, managers, and staff with access to the information and resources they need to follow established procedures relating to fundamental HR functions.

For example, your steps for recruiting and hiring may be: 

  1. Create job description
  2. Get approval to hire
  3. Create job posting
  4. Review applications
  5. Conduct telephone interviews
  6. Conduct in-person interviews
  7. Conduct reference check
  8. Process the offer

An integrated HR System would provide your staff with:

  • Documented step-by-step instructions, with roles and responsibilities for each step in the overall process
  • A cross-referenced, integrated suite of tools to complete each step, accompanied by instructions on how to use each tool. These tools may include guides, forms, checklists, spreadsheets, scripts, etc.
  • Tools for specific audiences, for example, some for all staff, some just for managers, and some for HR only
  • Easy access to to all your HR Resources from a single, user-friendly, easily scanned or searchable location

ConnectsUs is designed and built to provide you with that system. The best part is that as soon as you subscribe, 80% or more of the work is already done!