What's a ConnectsUs HR Kit?

ConnectsUs HR has 22 pre-assembled HR Kits which are families of related Microsoft® Word® and Excel® documents, accompanied by step-by-step assembly instructions for setting up an end-to-end process for a specific area of HR.  

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Flexible Documents - Multiple Uses

ConnectsUs documents were created to relate and connect to each other, but can also be used individually as stand alone documents.

Documents used in a kit are the same ones you download one-by-one, but the kit pulls them all together so you don't have to guess which ones to use, what order to customize them in, or how to use them together.

What's in a Kit?

  1. 5-Step Kit assembly instructions, written in plain English and full of no-nonsense tips and advice
  2. Best practices and instructions for setting up HR essentials such as your website Careers pages
  3. A family of related HR documents and templates created in Word or Excel, that may include:  process guides, how-to-guides for Managers, spreadsheets, forms, letters, checklists, scripts