What is meant by an Engagement or Engagement Agreement?

ConnectsUs HR Employee Handbook and Employee Manual templates were specifically created to support your employees as well as other types of staff - such as independent contractors - who often provide services on your premises and must be bound by the same conduct policies as employees. The employee handbook or manual templates clearly indicate to whom each policy applies to.  If the topic applies to "all staff" or "everyone", the topic would also apply to non-employees.   


The period of active employment or other formal relationships with the Company, including as an Independent Contractor, Consultant, Volunteer, Agency Staff.  The term "Engagement" is often used in place of "employment" to clarify that the subject matter, topic or policy is applicable to all Staff, not just employees. 

Engagement Agreement

The contract signed between a Staff Member and the Company that sets out the formal terms and conditions of your Engagement. For example, an employment agreement or an independent contractor agreement. The term "Engagement Agreement" is often used in place of "employment agreement" to clarify that the subject matter, topic or policy is applicable to all Staff, not just employees.