What is the document ID?

Unique identifiers are used to categorize and number all ConnectsUs HR documents. You will see this identifier:

  • At the beginning of the document file names
  • In the footer of the Word documents
  • In the header of the Excel documents

Example: OP-ALL-2540-M. Job Posting – Standard

You don’t have to pay a lot of attention to these letters and numbers, unless you want to double-check that you have the right document. However, if you understand how to decipher them, you may find them useful as a quick reference – for example, they'll tell you at a glance which Kit the document belongs to, who the intended audience for the document is, and what type of document it is.

File names

Example file name: OP-ALL-2540-M. Job Posting – Standard



Access Level

Document #

Document Type

Document Name


2-letter prefix identifies topic  document belongs to (see Topics list)

Identifies audience for document. Options: ALL, HR, MGR (see Access Levels list)

Unique number assigned to every ConnectsUs document

1-letter suffix identifies document type (see Document Types list)

Unique name assigned to every ConnectsUs document


OP-ALL-2540-M. Job Posting – Standard

OP-ALL-2540-M. Job Posting – Standard

OP-ALL-2540-M. Job Posting – Standard

OP-ALL-2540-M. Job Posting – Standard

OP-ALL-2540-M. Job Posting – Standard


Prefix Topic Prefix Topic
AA Accounting & Office Administration JE Job Evaluation
CM HR Policy Manual OO Orientation & Onboarding
CP Compensation OP Opening & Advertising a Position
CR Checking References & Hiring PC Protecting Company Interests
DP Staff Departures  PI Performance Improvement Plans
EE Employee Engagement PP Probationary Periods
EH Employee Handbook PR Performance Reviews
HA HR Administration SD Staff Directory & Organizational Chart
IT Involuntary Termination TA Tracking Applicants
IV Interviewing TD Training & Development

Access Levels

Access levels refer to the audience we think should have access to a given document.  The intended access level for a document is indicated in its unique document ID code (e.g., JE-ALL-3530-M):

  • ALL – Document does not contain sensitive information and can be accessed by all staff.
  • MGR – Document contains sensitive information that could be misconstrued by non-manager-level staff. Access should be restricted to managers and HR.
  • HR – Document contains sensitive and/or confidential information. Access should be restricted to HR.

Document Types

Code Description
-E Example for Staff 
-I Instructions for Staff 
-M Modifiable template file (Word or Excel) intended to be re-saved and completed by multiple users (e.g., Expense Report Form)
-P HR Home or Resource page that provides staff with easy access to the HR documents they need
-R Reference document or script (e.g. Interviewing Guide)
-S Step-by-step Process Guide 
-T Blank template
-X Excel workbook template. Ongoing document that is saved and maintained by a single user or department (e.g., Job Openings Spreadsheet)