What are those shaded form fields?

There are 3 types of shaded form fields in ConnectsUs documents: 

  • Customizer form fields – they look like this:  CUSTOMIZER:  Insert the title of the position responsible for counting paperclips 
  • Placeholder form fields – they look like this:  DD/MM/YY  
  • Blank form fields – they look like this:            

The following tables summarizes these shaded form field types.

Form field type What's is it? What should you do with it? How?
Begins with "CUSTOMIZER:" Placeholder for you – the person customizing the template – to insert your content into the document. Remove it and replace it with your own content. Click once on the form field (do not double-click) and type.
Includes placeholder text, such as "DD/MM/YY" Placeholder and/or suggested example text for the End User to replace with content in a modifiable document – typically a form. Leave it in place. Modify the placeholder/example text if needed. To modify suggested text, double-click on form field and edit the Default Text field.
Blank Placeholder in a modifiable document. The End User will replace it with their own content. Leave it in place. n/a