What are the benefits of assembling HR Kits?

For you - the builder

  • The Kit pulls all related documents together so you don't have to guess which ones to use, what order to customize them in, or how to connect them.
  • You have an expert by your side offering guidance and advice on how to create each fundamental area of HR.
  • As a PREMIUM user, you have access to the step-by-step Process Guide for Staff, which comes with most HR Kits.
  • You're documenting your HR processes so anyone can read them and hit the ground running. 

For your managers and staff

  • You're not just creating documents, but giving your staff an easy-to-use, integrated toolkit that comes with instructions on how to use each tool. 
  • No more guessing. Everyone knows who's doing what, when and how, and what tools to use. Important steps aren't missed or duplicated. 
  • Your HR is self-serve, and available 24/7 on your company server. 
  • Your managers know what's expected of them and can be held accountable. 

For HR

  • Less work. Operational and transactional HR processes are documented once and published so they can be delegated to staff and mangers.  You can get on with the sexier part of HR. 
  • You don't have to answer the same questions over and over (and over and over and over). You can spend your time coaching managers and staff instead of reiterating processes. 
  • You are securing HR knowledge management. A huge time-saver. Your confidential and public HR processes are documented when new managers, staff or HR staff come on board.