What about Manager Training?

If you provide manager training, you can essentially delegate HR to your managers by giving them the tools they need to manage and support their people.

ConnectsUs HR provides an instant but effective way to provide your managers with quality manager training.  The premium HR documents and templates are written in plain-English so your managers will actually read them! They're created as a family of documents made specifically to create manager training. They are formatted and written consistently and connect to one another for a ready-to-assemble solution for manager training.

And it's cost effective too!  Which is a key factor when providing small business manager training. 

Manager Training Documents   

Use the following documents for manager training individually or connect them together for an effective solution to train your managers. 

  • Most HR topics include a step-by-step Process Guide for your managers that outlines sequential steps and procedures as well as the resources, forms and how-to guides that are available to them to complete each step. 
  • Each form is accompanied by an Instructions document to help your managers complete it. 


Includes Instructions
document for Managers
Recruiting & Hiring Overview Guide   2400

Open & Advertise a Position

Process Guide for Managers - Opening & Advertising a Position   2410
Approval to Hire Form  x 2430
Position Justification Form x 2435
Position Information Checklist x 2440
Job Posting - Standard x 2450
Job Posting - Senior Position x 2460
Job Posting - Creative x 2470

Tracking Applicants

Process Guide for Managers  - Tracking Applicants   5500
Reviewing Applications Guide   5505
Position Applicant Tracking Spreadsheet x 5520


Process Guide for Managers - Interviewing   2500
Non-Disclosure Agreement for Exploratory Discussions x 1510
Delegate Confidentiality Agreement Script   1860
Interview Schedule Form   2510
Interviewing Guide   2515
Interview Questions    2520
Phone Interview Questionnaire x 2530
Q&A Style Panel Interview Questionnaire x 2540
Presentation Style Panel Interview Questionnaire x 2550
Internal Candidate Regrets Scripts   2560
External Candidate Regrets Scripts   2570
Brochure for Interviewed Candidates   2580

Checking References & Hiring

Process Guide for Managers - Checking References & Hiring   2800
Reference Checking Guide   2805
Reference Check Questions   2810
Reference Check Form x 2820
Reference Check Request & Consent Script   2830


Process Guide for Managers - New Hire Preparation   3955
Skills Gap Assessment Form x 4200


Performance Management Overview Guide    3105

Probationary Periods

Process Guide for Managers - Probationary Period   3100
Probationary Period Review Form x 3110
Probation Completion Letter x 3120
Probation Extension Letter x 3130
Extended Probation Completion Letter x 3140

Performance Reviews

Process Guide for Managers - Performance Reviews   3160
Annual Performance Review Form x 3170
Interim Performance Review Form x 3180

Performance Improvement

Process Guide for Managers - Performance Improvement Plans   3190
Performance Improvement Plan Form x 3200

Involuntary Terminations

Process Guide for Managers - Involuntary Terminations   3210



Job Descriptions

Job Activity Log x 3500
List of Competencies x 3510
Job Procedures Form x 3520
Job Description Form x 3530


Annual Budget Process Guide    4590
Staff Departure Checklist   4610