So many documents! Where should we start?

Each company has different needs, different priorities, and different challenges. At ConnectsUs, experience has taught us that:

  • Very often, companies experience specific pain in a particular area of HR. 
  • In many cases, small business HR can only afford to be reactive.
  • Resources are often limited, and it’s simply not feasible to plan and orchestrate a complete HR makeover.

ConnectsUs HR was designed to provide small business with a comprehensive, flexible HR toolkit. Think of it as a ‘menu' of processes from which to choose. You don't have to follow through on every process (although this would be the ideal scenario). You must weigh the benefits of time sunk into processes versus the return on investment of that time. 

For example, if your pain has been in high attrition costs due to poor decisions and/or a too fast recruiting process, you may want to focus on the tools provided in the ‘Recruiting & Hiring’ section, particularly those dealing with opening a new position and the associated preparation steps. 

  • You can download the documents and templates you need, and customize them to suit your company's requirements.
  • You can also implement fully integrated, point-and-click HR processes with supporting documents and templates.