How do you define 'small business'?

    ConnectsUs HR's language, principles, and philosophies are geared towards small business – and specifically towards the following business profile. 

    Your Workforce

    • You typically have between 25 and 90 professional staff.  
      (Some components of ConnectsUs were written to work best in an office environment where staff have access to a computer.  However, most tools work well for any type of workforce.)
    • Your workforce is not unionized. 

    You Believe in Winning!

    Like any sports team, you are competitive and want to win ...  And you're confident enough to say it out loud.  

    • You are a for-profit business - including social profit.
    • Your business is accountable to bottom-line-oriented shareholders or investors.
    • You believe in:
      • Attracting and retaining motivated high performers
      • Employment decisions and rewards based on demonstrated performance, results, and adding value to the business
      • Accountability
      • Market-based HR