How are ongoing spreadsheets different from other spreadsheets?

This type of spreadsheet essentially serves as a framework for ongoing data entry.  Once launched, the spreadsheet will be updated regularly by HR and saved with the same file name

The purpose of the spreadsheet's accompanying Instructions for Staff document is to help your HR staff update the spreadsheet – it tells them how to enter data into the spreadsheet and instructs them to save it with the same file name.

  1. Modify the Instructions for Staff document once you have:
    • Finalized your process
    • Customized the spreadsheet so that it is ready for data entry
  2. Your staff will then work with the spreadseet and its accompanying Instructions to maintain the spreadsheet and input ongoing data.  

Note that the Instructions are not intended to instruct your HR staff on how to create a spreadsheet. Nor do they tell staff how to modify the spreadsheet's columns or structure since these should not change once you have customized and launched the spreadsheet.