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Policies not as Individual Documents

Individual policies or procedures are not created as standalone documents and are all included in the Employee Handbooks/Manuals so that employees have all policies included in one central location instead of having to search your server for individual documents.

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Welcome   All
About This HR Manual   All
Terminology Used in This Manual (“Terminology”)   All
Compliance  All
How Are Topics Structured? All

Staff Policies  

This Staff Policies section of your Handbook will be signed by employees before hire as an addendum to your employment contract. These polices protect your business with clear expectations. Legislation does a good job of protecting employees but protecting your business and other employees falls on the employer


About Staff Policies   All

Conditions of Your Engagement  

Sign-Off on Staff Policies    All
Consequences of Non-Adherence to ‘Staff Policies’   All
Workplace Privacy   All
When You Leave the Company   All
Employee Benefits Plan Participation & Long-Term Absence   All

Conduct Expectations

Code of Conduct   All
Off-Duty Conduct   All
Confidentiality Agreement   All
Non-Competition   All
Intellectual Property   All
Use of Technology Tools & Electronic Communication    All
Information Technology Security   All
Social Media Policy  All
Personal Activities in the Workplace    All
Impairment-Free Workplace   All
Insider Trading   All
Dating Co-Workers   All
Whistle-Blower Policy   All
Conflict of Interest   All
Teleworking Policy  
(Work from Home, Working from Home, Remote Work) 
Gifts & Gratuities All
Solicitation on Company Premises   All
Appropriate Office Attire All
Intoxication at Company Events   All
Use of Mobile Devices   All
Temporarily Borrowing or Taking Company Materials Off Premises All
External Company Communications All

Attendance, Reporting Hours & Payroll  

Attendance   All
Lunch & Breaks   All
Overtime   All
Right to Disconnect   All
Approving, Communicating, & Recording Absences   All
Payroll & Pay Day   All

Staff Policies Acknowledgement & Signed Agreement

This section includes the sign off acknowledgement form that all staff must sign before their first day of work, or when you provide them with consideration if after their hire date. 

Human Resources


Orientation & Onboarding

New Employee Orientation All

Legislated Policies

Health & Safety   All
Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination   All
Prevention of Workplace Violence   All
Impairment & Substance Dependency   All
Smoke-Free Workplace   All
Protected Grounds — Duty to Accommodate   All
AMA Accessibility Standards — Information & Communications, & Employment     MB      
AMA - Accessibility Standard for Customer Service     MB      
AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards — Information & Communications, & Employment   ON        
AODA — Accessible Customer Service Standards   ON        
Pay Equity   ON MB      
PIPEDA Privacy Compliance Policy   ON MB AB   SK
PIPA Privacy Compliance Policy        BC  
Privacy of Employee Personal Information All
Garnishments All

Legislated Leaves

Continuing Benefits & Seniority While on Leave   All
Vacation   All
Public Holidays   All
Pregnancy & Parental Leave   ON   AB BC  
Maternity, Adoption & Parental Leave     MB     SK
Sick Leave ON        
Compassionate Care Leave    MB AB BC SK
Critical Illness or Injury Leave       BC  
Critically Ill Child Care Leave         SK
Critically Ill Adult Leave         SK
Family Medical Leave  


Family Care Giver Leave   ON MB      
Family Responsibility Leave   ON   AB BC  
Long Term Illness and Injury Leave   MB AB  
Bereavement Leave All
Interpersonal Violence Leave   MB     SK
Domestic and Sexual Violence Leave   ON   AB  
Critical Illness Leave   ON MB AB  
Crime-Related Child Death or Disappearance Leave   All
Organ Donor Leave   ON MB     SK
Reservist Leave   All
Public Health Emergency Leave (COVID-19)     MB     SK
Declared Emergency Leave ON        
Infectious Disease Emergency Leave (Paid & Unpaid COVID-19 Sick Leaves & Vaccination Leave) ON        
Citizen Ceremony Leave    MB AB   SK
Time Off to Vote   All
Nomination/Election and Candidate/Public Office Leave         SK
Jury Duty   ON MB   BC SK
COVID-19 Unpaid, Job Protected Leave      AB BC  
COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave       BC  
COVID-19 - Proof of Entitlement       BC  
COVID-19 Vaccination Leave   MB AB BC SK

Other Employee Leaves & Closures

Incidental Illness & Personal Time    All
Short-Term Disability (STD) & Long-Term Disability (LTD) Benefits   All
Bereavement & Compassionate Leave ON        
Unscheduled Office Closures All
Personal Leave of Absence All

Rewards & Benefits

Variable Pay Rewards All
Health Care Benefits All
Flexible Work Schedule All
Company-Paid Parking & Mobile Device Benefits All
Wellness Benefits All
Retirement Plan All
Job Descriptions All

Employee Development, Performance, & Exit

Probationary Period All
Performance Reviews All
Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) All
Training & Development All
Computer Training All
Professional Memberships All
Employee Resignation & General Exit Procedures All


Applying for Open Job Postings All
Candidate Referral Bonus Program All
Re-Hiring Former Employees All
Hiring Family Members & Friends All

About the Company


About Us

Vision & Mission All
Definition of Business Success All
Business Priorities for <YEAR> All
Service Philosophy All
Competitors All
Company History All
Organizational Chart All

Our Culture

Core Values All
Culture All
Giving Back All
Service Recognition Awards All
Annual Recognition Awards All
Recognizing & Celebrating Employee Personal Milestones All
All-Hands Meetings All
Lunch & Learns All
Social Events All
Treat Days All

Our Brand

Our Brand All
Elevator Pitch All
Our Logos & Branding Guidelines All

Our Practices


Information Technology

IT Technical Support All
Computer Equipment Upgrade Cycles All
Our Printers All

Communicating in the Workplace

Conflict Resolution & Communication All
Effective Email Communication & Etiquette All
Email Signatures All
Running Effective Meetings All
Suggestions in the Workplace All
Exit Interviews All


Emergency Contacts All
Key Cards, Access to Premises, & Lock-Up All
Visitors All

Expenses & Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility All
Expense Reporting All
Accounts Payable & Expense Approval All
Travel Expenses All
Department Codes All


First Aid All
Office Map All
Our Lunchroom All
Bulletin Boards All
Our Individual Work Space All
Nursing Mothers All
Facility Temperature Control All
Facility Lights All
Shower Facilities All
Parking Information & Safety All

Office Equipment & Phones

Our Office Equipment All
Telephone System & Voice Mail All
Long Distance Calls All
Conference Call Procedures All

Meeting Logistics

Scheduling Internal Meetings All
Meeting Rooms All

Other Office Services

Associations & Subscriptions (Memberships) All
Business Cards All
Office Supplies All
Mail & Couriers All
Central Filing System All
Swag All
Fax Procedures All

External Services

Taxi Cabs All
Catering All
Dry Cleaning Services All