Can I see just a list of HR kits - without the templates?

Also refer to FAQ:    Why buy ConnectsUs now when new Kits are coming soon?

HR Kits

Recruiting & Hiring  
Opening & Advertising a Position

Recruiting & Hiring    
Tracking Applicants

Recruiting & Hiring  

Recruiting & Hiring
Checking References & Hiring

Probationary Periods for Managers

Performance Reviews

Performance Improvement Plans for Managers

Involuntary Terminations for Managers

HR Administration
Job Evaluation
Training & Development 
Employee Engagement 
Orientation & Onboarding
Staff Directory and Organizational Chart
Staff Departures
Accounting & Office Administration

Employee Handbook
Available Sept 2016

Protecting Company Interests

  • employment agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • termination agreements
  • contractual agreements

​Available November 2016

    Managing Employee Data

    • employee data spreadsheet
    • employee data change forms
    • reporting

    ​Available November 2016

      Time Reporting   

      • employee timesheets
      • contractor timesheets and status reports
      • HR master absence tracker
      • monthly departmental absence tracker

      ​​Available October 2016

        HR Planning

        ​​Available November 2016