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Impairment & Substance Dependency Policy - Ontario

Topic 119-ON     Importance: High


To create a safe workplace, provide protocols and procedures for suspected impairment, and assist employees with dependency on drugs and/or alcohol.


  • You are compliant especially on the "treatment" of employees with dependency on drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Minimize/avoid workplace accidents.


The biggest risk is accidents at work especially in high risk industry such as construction where impaired employees may injure themselves or their co-workers by operating machines while under the influence of substances that cause impairment. This may lead to a less than favorable reputation in the industry, bad safety records, lower productivity and an increase in absenteeism.

HR Expertise

Minimal. The policy available in the Handbook is comprehensive and general enough to be used in most companies. 


This topic is closely related to the Human Rights Code. Therefore, review by an employment lawyer is highly recommended especially if there are major changes to the policy.


This topic is dependent. 

  • Review the policy listed under: Read in Conjunction With.  Refer to the Learn More link if you make any deletions or changes to the name of the policy.

Learn more about dependencies, referencing this topic in other areas of the document, changing/deleting a topic name, changing or deleting a Formal Term 

Key Decisions


Key Approvals

  • Highest level in the executive team
  • The health & safety committee or representative

Additional Resources

The following resources are meant for you, the customizer of the employee handbook:

Additional Tips

Take note of the tone of the policy. It is recommended that the tone is one of compassion and support. Ensure managers are aware of this policy and have had training on the topic.  

Getting Started

Before sitting down to write the policy, familiarize yourself with employer's obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code.