Can I download all documents at once in a zip file?

Yes. A zip file instant download is available with 2 of 3 ConnectsUs subscriptions.   Otherwise,each template is downloaded individually on a file-by-file basis, from its own Help Page.  Downloaded zip file includes:

  • Pre-assembled file folder tree.  Provides empty folders and sub-folders structure used to file HR documents
  • All templates available in every kit
  • Includes all employee handbooks and HR manuals available

ConnectsUs Zip

This is the download-and-go option! Provides a one-time-only zip download. This option is for you if you prefer to customize and work with the templates without online help and product support.   

ConnectsUs Premium Zip

You have unrestricted access to the Resource Center, but you have the flexibility to download the zip file that includes all HR templates 4 times a year.